Sunday, 3 August 2014

Matariki Poetry by us


Bright like spotlights
On the stage of the night
They sparkle like costumes of the galaxy

Act as small, cold specks of light
But their identity
Is the dead opposite
Stars live harsh lives
Like everyone else
They live
They die

By OttBro


reflect their light
on the shimmering water
to win the battle of beauty between
them and the moon

are broken pieces of
solid gold that have been
scattered into the night sky
for the vibrant flame inside
to burn individually

are cracks in the night
sky leaking fragile light
that cloaks the city in a
cloud of comfort

By CraMax


Matariki seven stars
Matariki shining bright
Complaining, “who is the brightest?”

Festival of Matariki explodes to the stars
As seven of them complain
Rangi booms: “What is this argument about?”
The seven sisters cry and make excuses.
They shine like diamonds glittering in the sky
Making the earth beautiful.
Matariki, Maori New Year
Celebrate Matariki and the earth

Matariki seven stars
Matariki shining bright
Complaining, “who is the brightest?”

By UchEst

Stars shine in the sky
Like twinkle stars
Sparkles in the sky
They are the only light in space.

Stars eat space
That’s the only thing stars eat
If there wasn’t anything to eat
They would all be dead
No more stars in the sky.

At night
They sparkle really bright
Like light
And twinkle really bright

By KatVit

The seven stars
shine above our heads
Poking each other
with their five sharp leads

Clustered together
listening to their mum!
Sure wished
they have some fun.

Every year
they make a form.
As they rise
at the break of dawn.

By MasAli

As celebrations begin
Seven shine
Under the watchful eye
Of Te Marama

As many gather
We get the old
The new
And the now.
The wise
The unknown
The precious.

The sound of crackling tin foil
Gives me goose bumps
As the smell of stuffing and kumara
Rises into the dark night sky.

Seven shine like diamond tiaras
As crops grow
Te Marama watches no more

By Hetwes


They sleep at day
And they come at night.
From far way
You see them
Little but actually
They are big.
Stars are shiny
They live in space
They’ve got a super big family
In the sky.
“We like to sparkle
so people can see us”
said mother star.

By CarMar

Six sisters
resting till dawn.
“Wake” says the Mum
“Now, it’s morn”

Six stars dance
 In the light
Shining so pretty
And shining so bright.

“We’re tired” they groan
“We’re sleepy” they moan
Then off to bed all and slumber
For a year or more.

By HalHay

The Seven Sisters

It’s night
Te Ra is gone and rests.
The seven stars of Matariki shine.

Marama gazes at the sisters
As they giggle away
Te Marama amazes at their beauty

The sisters dance in celebration of the Maori New Year
The sisters shine birght like a diamond
Marama cannot see any more
Sun runs up
The Sisters fade away.

By TekPan

The stars shine up in the sky.
They eat space,
The glow every night.
The disappear in daylight
And…they shine up in night light.

Every year in June, the 28th, the seven stars shine up
And on daylight, they disappear.
The seven stars shine up brighter
Than the other stars because it is special.

Every country celebrates seven stars in many different ways
New Zealand celebrates seven stars in different ways
Like eating,
Time with your family and friends
And dance,
Also New Zealand calls the seven stars…

By CheAli

As night eats the day,
The stars take place.
Shining brightly like
They rule the world

Dawn rises, Matariki,
Shines in a cluster.
In their places they
Beautifully shine.

Day runs
Quickly, stars begin to fade
Will they shine tomorrow
I don’t know
Will they?

By KarMai

Matariki, Matariki
You came out once a year.
You shine, the crystal night sky.
Stars in a crystal gold that is in the night sky.

We eat hangi with our Whanau and friends
to celebrate Matariki.

By AliMoh

Matariki bouncing in sky
Matariki saying “good night” Matariki
Shining in moon light Matariki
Playing under Ra, sleeping
Matariki so very bright Matariki
Playing in the moonlight

By ReeMeg


They shimmer in the dark
Like a diamond tiara
Smiling down at us
We watch,
We gather,
We smile,
We enjoy.

Love flows through the air
When seven shimmer.
We hug,
More love
Still more to come

People celebrate Matariki
In different ways by:
And feasting on food.

By EllAmy

Seven stars shining
Dark blue
They glow
It looks like they blow
From place to place.
It looks like3D
Bright, dark blue stars shining
Seven, a constellation in the sky
They look like they fly.

By RanDeb

Seven Stars

Twinkling above us
Are seven stars
Near the earth but
Not near Mars

The seven sisters
Sparkling shine
Waiting to be
Seen in line

They shimmer
They glimmer
They dimmer like polished celebrities
Sitting in the moonless sky
Glared at on the night of Matariki.

By ChaReb

Seven stars stare at earth
While we gather and celebrate.
The feast flows
As the seven stars shine
The rain drips into the fire
And the fire is out.
We mend,
We prepare.
Te Marama watches no more.

By AshNah

Seven Stars

Seven stars twinkling above,
Seven sisters being loved.
At the breaking of dawn,
the stars, they glitter
but by the end of the dark night
they get dimmer and dimmer

Eating kai and having feasts
Yummy vegetables, fruit and meat
dancing, singing, having a ball
At the end of the day “we are tired”, they yawn.

Seven are happy up in the sky
Watching their people, eating kai
Seven are pretty, there in the night
The sun will rise soon,
Time to say their goodbyes.

By ChrIva

Full of light and power.
They flutter across
The black room
Stars rotate
Like a clock
So slowly.
They move
So curiously.

They whisper
As they glow above
People observe
For days
Months or even years
With delight
At the stars
But wonder impossible facts.

Stars explode
In a supernova
So big and bright
In the sky
So blue.
A slow explosion
Like its stuck in time
We wait
For the next star to shine.

By CorBen

Seven glimmering under the moon
We all shout: “Yay, they’re coming out soon”
We shout,
We play,
We celebrate the old.
We hear the crackle of opening tin foil,
We see kumara that shines like the stars,
We think,
We see the precious.
The feast flow across eight table.
We start walking inside.
The poor moon watches no more.

By TipAle


Matariki the seven stars.
Matariki so very far.
What’s it like up there?
So very very far from here.

Each shining bright as they can be
So that everyone can see.
So very very bright you see.

Each trying to be the brightest,
Trying to win the competition.
Each as different as the next,
Each trying to be the best.

Matariki the seven stars.
Each as different as the next.
Each shining bright as they can be.
Each trying to be the best.

By WhiKat


Beautiful blue stars are shining a gentle glow
As the pitch black night tries to steal the light
Little lights twinkle and say it’s Matariki
Seven sisters whisper “hello world”
As seven sisters have the spotlight
Thousands of sparkles have lit up the night.

By WebLet

Trillions and trillions
Of eyes watching your every move,
Sparkling when open,
Vanishing when the enemy has risen,
But only seven of them caught my eye.
It all started when Tane Mahuta,
Turned green with envy,
Because someone else was more handsome.
So Tane turned him into a star,
But it didn’t change anything.
The star shone brighter than any star.
So Tane flew up to the heavens
and broke the star into seven pieces
and locked the seven stars up.
But, once every year
The stars brightness breaks the gate
And shine once again
And locks them up again.

By ParKyl